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[Europe] Master Program in Materials Science by Erasmus Mundus Programme

European Master in Materials Science Exploiting Large Scale Facilities (Mamaself).
The Mamaself programme has been selected in the Erasmus Mundus 2 European programme.

Mamaself is a 2 year Master course.
Fellowships are now available for both Non-European and European students.

Master in Materials Science Exploiting Large Scale Facilities.
Mamaself is a 2 year full time Master aiming to promote the scientific collaboration between Universities, Large scale facilities and Industry. This Master is the result of the collaboration between four Universities: University Rennes 1, (France), University of Torino, (Italy), Technical University and the Ludwig Maximilians University M√ľnchen (Germany). The Master degree will be delivered by two or three out of the four universities, so the students will receive a double Master degree in Materials Science.

Each student will spend one year in a first hosting institution, the first semester of the second Master year at a second university and the last semester at a university or Large scale Faclities or at a partner institution in Japan, Switzerland or India.

Grants for Non-European students
For each academic year the consortium of universities selects non-European students who will receive a grant. Each non-European student will receive a grant of 22.000 euros per year. Deadline is for 2010-2012 : 19 .01.2010. Non EU students who spent a year in Europe before applying must applicate before 21 May 2010.

Grants for European students
In the framework of the Erasmus Mundus 2 programme, European students can apply for an EM fellowship of 12.000€. This grant amount includes the mobility grant for a period at one of the non EU partner institutions in Japan, Switzerland or India during the second semester of the second Master year. The application deadline is : 21 May 2010.

Students must have 180 ECTS (or equivalent) in Material Science or related disciplines (Chemistry, Physics, Geoscience,…) good academic records and good English competencies. The application form is available on the Mamaself web site. Instruction language is English for lectures.

Further information about the study programme, the universities of the consortium, the admission process can be found on the Mamaself website

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